I’m a Website Developer based in Oxfordshire with over 12 years of professional experience.

I spend my days working on all sorts of interesting web projects.

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Automatically post to a Facebook page using the Facebook PHP API (v5)

The Facebook API lets you post to pages you administrate. In the article below I’m going to explain how I did this, using version 5 of the SDK for PHP. The brief was to write a script which automatically posted any newly added WordPress custom posts to my clients company Facebook page. So here’s how it went: 1. Create a Facebook 'App': Firstly you need to create a Facebook App, which is required... read more

How to use WordPress functions in a non-WordPress custom PHP file

I recently came across a scenario where I wanted to make use of some of the many WordPress functions available, but in a non-WordPress custom PHP file. I was building a feature which automatically sends any newly added WordPress ‘property’ custom posts to my clients Facebook page, using the Facebook PHP SDK. To achieve this, I wanted to loop through the ‘property’ custom posts using WP_Query and post each newly added property to the Facebook... read more

How to install Git on a GoDaddy shared hosting server

I have a Linux shared hosting account with GoDaddy, which I use to host sites for a selection of my customers. A few months back I decided I needed to get up to speed and use version control to manage these sites. Working on the sites locally and pushing any amended files up to my server using FTP was not a great workflow. So, I decided Git was the way forward. After hours of... read more

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